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The Warrenton Declaration on Medical Mandate, Biblical Ethics,
& Authority

A group of pastors have collaborated to create the “Warrenton Declaration on Medical Mandates, Biblical Ethics, and Authority.” The declaration was released Wednesday, June 23, 2021, and the “Initial Signers” are made up of mostly pastors across the United States.

According to the statement website, the declaration was created “in order to provide doctrinal clarity and coherence on issues of biblical authority and ethics related to medical mandates.” Further, the declaration’s purpose is to “equip local churches and their officers in providing transparency on where they stand and to assist individuals who are being mistreated in their churches with a well-ordered summary of belief in this regard.”  

Covid19 Vac Parent Choice?

Covid-19 Vaccination 
Parent Choice or Government Mandate

The following is a collection of facts & documents from a international group.  They also have information on masks.  Many links & facts.

The documents are updated on a weekly basis to reflect the latest legal findings.  Read the Vaccine and Clinical Trial fact sheets first.  Please SHARE with your friends because the more who know the stronger our nation will become.


  • School Board Vaccine Mandate Letter

  • College Student Letter

  • U.S. Military Response Letter

  • U.S. Army Research Proving Masks Don't Work

  • Etc.
    Link here.

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