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Links to times and locations for your School Board & Legislators Meetings will be found on

your counties Group page in PDF format.


For Our Children


It's time you express our concerns directly to our school and local governmental leaders that we have for our children.

Contact Your School Board

Contact School Board

Cease and Desist Packets: Link 

" It has come to our attention, that your current and proposed policies of forced medical procedures,  including but not limited to, facial covering, medical testing, and chemical injections, are causing extreme mental anguish and physical damage to students/individuals statewide. Thousands have already died or been rendered disabled because of taking the Covid-19 vaccine, according to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (See Attachment A) ....


Response required within 10 days regarding your intentions to cease and desist the abusive policies."

Cease & Desist Packets

Information Sources

Information Sources
  • -ESSER Funds-Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds

The first round provided roughly $13.2 billion to allow schools to purchase the necessary PPE as well as devices for students. The second round of funding (ESSER II fund), passed in December 2020, includes $54.3 billion in relief, with a minimum of 90% required to go directly to local school districts. The American Rescue Plan ESSER funds (ARP ESSER or ESSER III) totaled $122.8 billion.

Use this interactive map to see what funds our state received by school

Link here.

  • -Code of Conduct of the New York State School Boards Association Link here

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