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Take Action ROC is an advocacy group made up of local families that support the rights of parents to make medical, religious, and educational decisions regarding their children without governmental interference.

There has been a disturbingly rapid growth of government overreach in the private domain of parental rights at both the state and federal level over the last few years with the most egregious relating to medical and religious freedoms.

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Patricia Finn, Esq. is a child advocate and prominent civil rights attorney.  Ms. Finn  represents individuals who refuse vaccinations because of sincerely held religious beliefs that are contrary to the practice of vaccinating.  Based in New York, the firm represents families throughout the United States seeking to protect their constitutional and statutory rights to abstain from vaccinations.  Link to website

Healthcare Workers NY vs NY Dept. of Health
Against Removal of Religious Exemption 

Dr. Eric Feintuch lawsuit for Healthcare workers. 

If you are a Healthcare worker or know of a Healthcare worker who is being threatened of losing their job or being put on unpaid leave please reach out to the doctor at:

Ask for an Affidavit and submit any evidence of thee coercion from your employer along with the affidavit.

9/10 This lawsuit will be brought before a judge possibly this week so act quickly or before mid September.

Note: We will be following up on this case soon. (1/2/22)

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West Seneca, NY. 14224

Referred by Dr. Bryan Ardis

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