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We Support Choice

Action Plan

Meet on a bi-weekly or monthly basis to connect and discuss ideas and ways to take action.

Organize and attend events to inform the public and get all like-minded individuals connected. 

Host demonstrations to speak out and educate the public about current legislation to encourage other to think critically – raise awareness. 


Promote free movement and participation in the Community regardless of masking or vaccination status.

Advocate for 5 full days of in-person, school instruction unmasked for our children.

Prevent the use of the Excelsior Pass within the County.

Connect and network with concurring groups throughout NYS for greater impact and change.

Engage in community education, outreach and activism.

We will remain active in our community.  There is currently proposed legislation that infringes upon our rights and we will remain diligent in staying in front of those Bills, establishing a professional relationship with all Legislators, to ensure there is nothing else in the future that violates our Constitutional Rights.  It does NOT end with masks – we MUST remain diligent together!     

– Inform, Connect, Educate & Protect Freedom –