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Become a County Leader

We need you!  CNY Informed needs a leader in every county in NYS!

If you want to make changes for the better then join us!

We will help you every step of the way.

Steps to becoming a Leader in your county:

1-Check the map to see if your county is not represented here.

2-If they are not represented contact us and express your interest-here.

3-Once you are given the go ahead get a "business" email.  Example: or, etc.

This is so we can list you on our map and people in your county will be able contact you (no names will be listed)

(proton mail is encrypted and the safest)

4-Your county group will be added to the site.  Join your group. This is a great place to announce meeting and have a group discussion.

5-Become a member of CNY Informed and make a profile. Once you're a member you can join the forum.

6-Have your group become members and join your county group on the site.

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