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Preparing for a School Board Meeting
Preparing for a Legislators Meeting


If going in a group it's a good idea to plan ahead and organize, so that you can cover all topics necessary.

  • If you represent a group; get a list of members who will be speaking and go over topics that each will cover; from personal stories to masks, government authority to vaccines and passports.

  •  Have a list of sources.  Tell them you will followup with an email containing the source list, so that they can easily refer to it.

  • Find out the names and emails of all the board members and send them letters with sources.

  • Meet ahead of time so that you can go over points and presentations.

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Every Parent Should Have the Form Below Regarding Their Children Wearing Masks
(fill it out & have one parent read it to the board)
Federal Law Mandates
(handout or email attachment)
Sample Letter to School Board
(handout or email attachment)
Face Mask Analysis
(handout or email attachment)
Face Masks Don't Work
Written by:  CNY Informed
(handout or email attachment)
Letter to the CDC From Senators & State Representatives
(handout or email attachment)
Children's Health Defense 
The Science of Masks
NYS Health & Safety Guide for
the 2021-2022 School Year

"You do not …

have to co-parent with the government!

Parents have …

the divine right, and are the best guides, to instruct and influence their children.

Schooling should …

be about education not indoctrination!

Parents do not …

have to endure bullying and intimidation because they question or express their concerns about mask mandates, vaccination mandates or inappropriate curriculum."

Link to Mom's For America


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NYS Health & Safety Guide
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